• Jesus took our pain
  • Jesus took the shame
When we gather up our courage and tell our story
in the light of day
we break the chains of shame.
Perpetrators and those who cover up csa use Shame to intimidate and hold in bondage
to keep the secreat.

Someone said - abusers don't have any shame
because they impute it to us.

how evil.
it's the abusers shame put on us

it doesn't belong on us.

Our best response is to renounce it.

for those who trust Jesus Christ -  and appreciate / understand what He accomplished for us
we can let Him take it.

actually it could be a first step of faith or reaching out
to claim the taking off us of others shame

renounce the csa - it wasn't our fault.

renounce the shame which belonged with the abuser.

My cousin  once told me
"If you had have turned up at grandfathers place in your underpants
(at the age of two) he would have made sure you never went to that place again."

until that moment I was imprisoned in shame

now I had an assurance that there had been a safe place to run to
that my (half)      nakedness  would have actually been a sign of the danger, abuse and neglect I was in
my focus was on how I could have escaped
I put the shame aside to run to safety.

as an adult looking back I saw an option
that had I escaped
the Police investigation with a medical investigation
would have arrested the perps
and my birth parents lost custody.

I began to see what my life would have been had I escaped.