many survivors self medicate to numb the pain.

often leading to addictions

but as the wound is treated  there is less pain

Prayer, I have found  can be healing.

masturbation, smoking, over eating, use of drugs or alcohol
are common examples of numbing.

The first step is to acknowledge that csa is the source of the pain.

Processing csa can relieve the source of the pain

decreasing the need for numbing.

The body needs pleasure to thrive  to survive.

going for walks and taking in  the beauty of nature
can be uplifting to the soul.

personally I was so disassociated so much that I could not take in nature.  
after memories of csa surfaced
and I received prayer
and deliverance
and I processed  I recovered my ability to enjoy nature
for the first time in 56 years I took in the suns rays on the shimmering dew drops on the green tree leaves.
I could take it in.

Trauma Release

my journey releasing
csa induced trauma
and body memories

It is said that csa memories are closed away
until the pain exceeds the pain.

for men that's usually 35 - 55 years of age.

there is a pain barrier to break through.

some talk of following the pain
to locate it's source

more research is needed
as there needs to be anti toxins before walls are pulled down

or a survivor can go into shock

survivors should be receiving councelling
if for no other reason to monitor our reactions
as we progress through recovery.

finding an understanding and supportive church
can be a great support also.

I find the Hillsong Songs to have many encouraging and helpful words which can be purchased on line from the Hillsong website.